Choice of Words and Character

Choice of Words and Character

Someone told me that everything that I do is to feed my ego, I’ve spent some time daydreaming about how the person derived to such conclusion, here are my thoughts about it.

Exposure, Impression, and Experience.

When we interact with someone, we will inevitably gave them an impression, whether to like or dislike really varies subjectively to one person and another. However the impression that we gave over time should have some sense of consistency to the point of the person that we interact with could define our character by the personality that we gave away when we interact with them. We also need to factor the importance of situational impression, when being placed in a uncommon situation or rather difficult situation where we might gave expose our thought process and therefore leaving room for more impression to the people that we interact with.

It’s not like we have a free will to gave an impression, for example, if you were to be put in a social interaction, you cannot simply choose not to interact to not gave away any impression, you inevitably gave an impression that you might be shy or not sociable to groups of people even if its just situational. However, if your behavior remains consistent, inevitably the premise of the impression from the people you interact with will became stronger.

Telling and Impression

Here’s where the subject became more interesting.

What does it mean to say that

“I am a very caring person”

“I am a very loving person”

“I am a generally likeable person”

“I am a very sociable person”

Those are some stances that are deemed to be valuable from a person.

What if you were to claim some stances above. To whome those stances are valid, and what makes them valid?

What makes you believe that someone is a caring person? Is it because they say it?

Obviously no, those stances became valid not by verbally exposing it but by showing characteristics of such person. In my words, It’s an emergent property from sequences of events.

Sequences of events mean that the person consistently throughout a shared experience with someone shows character of a person.

What’s so valuable about choice of words?

Choice of words are subtle cues that gave away your personality.

The words you choose in an interaction, inherently defines your thought process or the value of the conversation for you.

Sometimes choice of words are as cute as reading a message from someone and you felt that you could give an impression of the other person on the phone talking verbally. Choice of words are a part of someone’s personality.

In the End

In the end, what’s done was done, I gave away a bad impression for inherently being myself, I have never ever in the slightest pretend to be someone else let alone choosing a word as “faking my personality.” In my opinion, no one that is sane couldn’t do such unless you’re mentally ill as in suffering for multiple personalities, other than that, every of your carefree interaction with someone, shows your personality. Your words you choose, the answer you gave from a question shows your thought process, the conversation you bring up shows the things that you’re interested in, and more.

Do I hate that someone thinks of me that way? Not really, if anything it gets me thinking and get to this insight, No doubt about it that I’ve done wrong to the person but at least there’s a silver lining from the experience.

End of Article

I had fun writing this article, I’m not sure it’ll be valuable however. Let me know what you guys think. You can send anonymous opinion here: